About Me



  I’m Carol Heckman, a Registered Nurse with over 30 years’ experience in traditional, natural, and integrative health care. I am a graduate of University of Delaware School of Nursing and Trinity School of Natural Health where I obtained my certifications in Nutritional Counseling, Herbalism, and Naturopathy.

I began my integrative health journey while looking for a drugless way to cure my own autoimmune disease. As I began to experience improved health, I began to incorporate and recommend these modalities in my nursing practice while working at Johns Hopkins Oncology Center and Anne Arundel Medical Center Breast Center. Since 2003, I’ve been teaching and lecturing to private and community about the impact of stress, environment, and lifestyle on health in my local community.

Working in my own practice now, I am passionate about helping individuals and groups with information and tools for navigating health to achieve wellness and vitality long term. I help my clients overcome their health challenges and concerns by looking for root causes of symptoms then restoring balance and function in their body. I then develop a personalized wellness plan of care for clients to follow that incorporates food, lifestyle, nutrients, and self- care practices for a comprehensive and holistic approach to achieve lifelong health and wellness. 

I specialize in working with clients who are experiencing   digestive health concerns, food sensitivities, mood changes, hormone imbalances, fatigue, poor sleep, skin disorders, allergies, and weight management.